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Discover How to Create the Million Dollar Associate & Develop a Powerful Relationship To Last a Lifetime 

...Copy Our Exact System to Maximize Your New Associate

Discover How We Consistently:

  • You'll learn how to build a successful relationship with your new hire from day one
  • The hidden key most owners neglect that create critical mistakes and ultimately doom the new relationship
  • The one not so obvious thing most new Associate’s want from their boss
  • Strengthen your relationship before day 1 by using our unique onboarding process
  • The importance of using your team throughout the process to create a strong cultural fit
  • How to get your associate to consistently produce at a high level alongside your dream team
  • How to develop a high-producing, cheerful team, that follows your lead

Marco's Associate Acquired The Tools And Confidence From Matt And Chris To Run A Successful Clinic

“Hiring an Associate can be exciting and scary at the same time. Getting a new doctor started right is critical to building a long-term relationship. I’ve often relied on people more experienced than me to acquire the capabilities to succeed in an area I had less skills. I was all in when Matt and Chris launched their Associate Training Program. At the one-year mark of my Associate’s tenure in my business, I can honestly say she wouldn’t even be near where she is now without their training. She has acquired the tools and confidence from Matt and Chris to run a successful clinic while being committed to marketing and relationship building both inside and outside the practice.”
- Marco Vargas, DPM (Sugar Land, TX)